Answering Some Whys


Two weeks ago, I asked the question why do you think every culture has had some kind of idol to worship instead of the living God.

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of “why” questions. Mainly because most of the time they can not be answered. And if you COULD answer them, it’s doubtful that the “why” would be helpful at all. However, there are some cases that the “why” answer not only is obvious but helpful.

We were created to worship…deeply. This can not be denied. From rock concerts to sporting events – it is ridiculously apparent that we love to worship. Have you seen how rabid some people get about their sports teams? Who names their kids “Bear” and “Bryant”? That’s actually a cool idea. It could have worked with us as well – Cooper “Bear” English, Camber Bryant English – those sound pretty good. What to do with Cayden? Tide? Big Al? Sabania?

The point is we have this desire to worship and it’s not always about TRUTH. More often than not – it is also about beauty. We like to worship beautiful things. This is the single most important reason why Macs are better than PCs. Each platform has their strengths and weaknesses in their own right. It’s just that Apple does it with beauty. PC’s think function, hardly ever form or beauty.

And that’s why I’m a Mac.

But back to the point – this desire in us to worship beauty and truth was given to us by God. We shouldn’t shy away from either one or compromise one over the other. He designed us this way.

The problem is we are easily distracted. We are easily satisfied with the substitutes instead of the real thing. Hence, idol worship, making our own idols, exchanging truth for falsehood.

Here’s what’s interesting and convicting – compare God’s response to the church’s response to distracted, beauty-seeking idol worshippers.

Traditionally the “Church” has decided that the solution to this idolatry is to ‘beat’ it out of them with the truth. So we argue and prove and debate and shame and guilt and get combative. I think God had a different agenda in mind.

Isaiah 42:1-10.

I will send my servant – personal relationship – and he will bring BOTH truth and beauty. Not just truth – that will make them disconnected pharisees and hard-hearted. Not just beauty – that will make them self-indulgent idol-worshippers. But both – true truth and true beauty.

Because God is the good, true, beautiful God.

The challenge for us Christ-followers is to also bring beauty to the truth.

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