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10 Reasons To Be Part of ShareFest

TopekaSharefestLogo_2ShareFest is a one day event that unites 44 churches and organizations and over 1,500 volunteers for the purpose of serving our city in Jesus’ name. We’ve been a part of this movement for the past 8 years, serving the students and staff of McCarter Elementary School. This year marks the 11th anniversary of ShareFest Topeka, and to celebrate we want as many people as possible to serve with us!

Here’s my list of reasons as to why you should sign up right now to be a part of ShareFest.

Reason #1: The Date: May 6th, 2017, 8:00am – Noon
Last year, we moved the event to the spring because it’s better for the schools, it’s better for the weather, and it’s better for the plants. Work on your tan. Serve the city. Everybody wins.

Reason #2: Free Childcare for Kids 11 and Under from 7:30-11:00am
You’ll need to sign up here for this, but while you are out serving the city, your kids will be having a blast at Western Hills playing, eating junk food, and getting hyper.

Reason #3: It’s for age 12 and Over
Looking for an opportunity to serve beside your teens? This is it. A GREAT opportunity for a Family Mission Trip. (Now would be a good time to tell you that no one under the age of 12 is allowed to participate in ShareFest. It’s a safety issue.)

Reason #4: Location, Location, Location: McCarter Elementary School
We will be serving OUR community: OUR school that we serve BackSnacks at, that we give Upward Scholarships to, that we serve at the school carnival. See you there at 8:00.

Reason #5: It’s for the Children
In 4 hours, with 70+ volunteers we can get done what it would take a whole year for the school to do, and the effect it has on the kids is incredible! It makes them proud of their school.

Reason #6: No special ability needed
If you can rake, paint, hold open a garbage bag for somebody else to put leaves in, dig, scrape, scrub, or mop, then you have what it takes to serve at ShareFest.

Reason #7: Free T-shirt
We got NEW SHIRTS LAST YEAR!! With a new logo on it and everything! Don’t you want one of these exclusive t-shirts? Yes, you do. The only way to get one is to sign up for ShareFest and be a part of this awesome day.

Reason #8: Free Trip Lee & Lecrae Concert
After we get done at McCarter, we will go home and take a NAP! We’ll need to rest up, because at 7:00 that evening we will head downtown to celebrate the day and enjoy an amazing concert. Trip Lee and Lecrae will be the headliners, and if you don’t who they are – google them. Not now, but after you sign up for ShareFest. The evening will also feature all kinds of food trucks. It should be a great night!

Reason #9: Western Hills Volunteers
Western Hills has some of the hardest workers and nicest people around! What better opportunity to get to enjoy your friends and get to visit with those you don’t know as well? So see – sign up now. Have fun talking. Get work done. Build relationships with new folks.

Reason #10: Be a Part of a Kingdom Movement in Our City
We stress Serve All here at Western Hills. This is a piece of that mantra being lived out for us. We have a heart for our city. We want to make it a great city. This is an opportunity for us to not just live out that mantra, but to be a part of something bigger as well.

You can sign up for ShareFest Topeka by clicking on any of the links above to sign up or by going to ShareFestTopeka.com. Remember to sign up for the free childcare, too!

Other Details:
Bring your tools and gloves that you think will be helpful. We can use garden tractors with trailers, skid steer loaders, rakes, shovels, clippers, trimmers, wheelbarrows, leaf blowers, string trimmers, shovels, pitchforks and brooms! Be sure to clearly mark your name on anything that you bring. The work day will happen rain or shine!

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