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5 Ways Blotch Can Make Your Summer Awesome

Have you heard that we started the new series “Blotch” this past Sunday? (Don’t you wish there was a sarcasm font?)

In case you’ve missed it – Blotch is a children’s book written by my good friend Andy Addis who is also the lead pastor of Crosspoint Church based in Hutchinson, Kansas. It’s a child’s book that unpacks some deep truths like sin, forgiveness, redemption, and salvation. It’s fun. It’s deep. And this is why the whole church is going through it this summer.

The whole place is blotched up and ready to go!

I want to give you 5 ways that Blotch can make your summer awesome!

1. Read Blotch as a family.
It’s fun and every person in your family is going to be able to access it. Plus there are great discussion questions at the end of the book for each chapter.

2. Get involved in a Blotch Connect Group.
It’s a kid’s book with deep topics. Our Connect Groups are ready to unpack these issues in all of their nuances. Topics like forgiveness, redemption, confession, justification – these are concepts that Blotch tackles from a child’s perspective but will go deeper in our Connect Groups.

3. Give a copy of Blotch away to one of your neighbors.
Pray about it, and then just do it. Give them the book and then…

4. Invite them to come to Western Hills Church during the series.
You know the services are going to be awesome. The stage design is up and fun. The messages are going to be clear and redemptive.

5. Start sharing your faith with somebody.
Don’t think of sharing your story as a ‘one-time’ event. Develop a relationship and start an ongoing conversation with a friend about faith and how Jesus has changed your life. Use Blotch as an introductory tool to that conversation.

I am so excited about this book and the possibilities that it has for us as a congregation and all the different ways this book could be used.

You can find more of Grant's random thoughts on his blog.

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