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Doxazo Summer Missions Week

General Information
1. What is the Vision of the Doxazo Mission Trip?
“To Equip and Engage radical followers of Jesus Christ to live the Gospel in a broken world.”
2. Where is the Missions Trip Located? Where will we spend the night? Where will we shower?
Our missions team will be spending the night at Northland Christian Church. Team members are highly encouraged to stay the night for the full missions’ experience. Guys and girls will sleep in separate quarters.
After dinner each night, we will be transported to the YMCA to shower then transported back for evening worship.
3. When is the Doxazo Missions Trip
It is July 31st at 6:00 pm until August 3rd at 6:00 pm. We will be spending the night at Northland Christian Church and serving at various sites in the High Crest and Central Park Neighborhood.
4. What if I can’t come the whole time?
We recommend that you make every effort to make the mission trip a priority in order that you get a similar experience to that of a global trip. However, if you have a scheduling conflict, you will need to make those times clear in your application. Additionally, there will be a checkout protocol explained on the training night.
5. What will I be doing?
There are three service opportunities that you can choose to participate in during the trip:
– Doxazo Camp (in the Hi-Crest neighborhood)
– Housing Restoration (in the Hi-Crest Neighborhood)
– Bridge Kids Camp (in the Central Park Neighborhood)
Service time runs 8am – 3pm August 1st-3rd. Evenings will be a time for the leaders to worship, enjoy fun activities and build community together to recharge for the next day. See question 7 for more information regarding evenings.
6. Will I/my student be safe on the trip?
Safety is always a concern on any mission trip, whether abroad or local. The answer is that safety and security are the top priority for all of our missions’ team as well as the individuals we serve. Doxazo and the Topeka Rescue Mission have partnerships with Topeka 501 Police as well as the city police force to ensure security during the entire trip.
7. Why is it important to participate in the evening activities?
After chasing kids all day at camp or working tirelessly on housing restoration projects, our leaders need an environment in which they can be recharged. The evening is a time to be poured into, discipled, taught God’s Word, and rest. We strongly believe that this time will equip you to fully serve, love and be in God’s word both during and after the trip. Evening activities and spending the night are priorities of being a part of the Doxazo Mission Trip.
8. How do I register?
Register online here.
9. Why do I have to pay? What if I can’t pay?
The Doxazo Local Missions Trip is 1/10 the price of a regular missions trip, but offers an equivalent experience. The cost is $100 in order to cover the overhead expenses such as meals, shirts, and supplies. Cost is reduced to $75 if you register before June 30th!
10. Is this whole Doxazo/Hi-Crest thing new?
No and yes. Students and Adults from various churches in Topeka have been running Doxazo camps in the Hi-Crest neighborhood since December of 2012. Our camps have always been an incredible outreach tool to the families living in poverty. Many children are getting exposure to not only the Gospel, but amazing role models, positive relationships and character development.
Doxazo began hosting a bi-annual missions trip in 2014. The bigger vision of the mission trip is to recognize the immense need for the Gospel in our own community and the incredible opportunity the Lord has given us to engage his people. Over the years, our outreach has expanded past Hi-Crest into Central Park (in partnership with the Bridge) and North Topeka with the Topeka Rescue Mission.
11. Who do I contact for more information?
Parker Dane, of course!

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