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Don’t Be A Chicken

Exactly how do you count years of experience in parenting? We have 3 kids: 19, 17, and 14. Each child is different, so you could argue that we have 50 years of experience. But it’s 2 girls and 1 boy, so we could go with 36. But boys are a lot alike while girls are crazy different, so we are back at 50 years and would stay at 50 no matter how many boys we had. I think parenting two children is vastly different from parenting one, and parenting three is significant because you move from man to man to zone defense. Add in twins or triplets, special needs kids, health issues or other unique circumstances, and you can see the complexity continue to grow. There is no easy way to determine parenting experience.

What I can tell you after my own experiences and listening to countless others, is that parenting isn’t for cowards, chickens, or crybabies (at least good, godly parenting). It takes courage, wisdom, passion, discipline, grace, and God’s incredible knack of providing a miracle exactly when we need it.

For the next 5 weeks, we are going to get up close and personal with this topic. To help with this, allow me to publish a few disclaimers and warnings…

This series WILL NOT solve all of your parenting problems. Problems are opportunities to listen deeply to God’s voice. NOBODY knows EVERYTHING about parenting. There are always situations that weren’t in the brochure, weren’t in the book, you had no way of seeing, and no one around you really understands. It’s an opportunity to listen and to pray like crazy.

This series WILL give you hope. Probably better said is, this series will point you to the One who gives out hope by the bucketful. God has seen the worst and loved the worst. He loves those kids more than their parents, and He wants us to be great parents.

This series WILL NOT give you a 15 point plan to follow. No detailed plan works for every kid in every home. There are too many variables. This isn’t building a model airplane, we are raising a child.

This series WILL challenge you to change how you parent. It took me a while to realize that half the purpose of parenting is for God to change the parents. There are things in my life that my kids revealed I needed God’s grace on. It changed me – still does at times.

We are going to laugh a lot in this series as well as be challenged. But one thing is so clear about parenting: it isn’t for the faint of heart.

No cowards.
No weaklings.
No softies.
No chickens.

Parenting – godly parenting – requires courage. Insight. Wisdom. Steel in the bones kind of determination at times along with gentle tenderness in others.

So join us for the journey. No chickens allowed.

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