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Winter Connect Groups In Full Swing

Some words from Grant about 2018 and our Winter Connect Group session:

Six months ago, I found myself in a place of “Holy Discontent.” It centered around our four core values – Love God, Live Connected, Serve All, and Multiply Another.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved how these four shaped our ministries, and gave people handles on the Great Commission and Great Commandment. I loved seeing how it radically lives. I love ALL of that. I just had a growing sense that there was more. I couldn’t put words to it which only increased my frustration when I tried explaining myself to others.

After many hours of prayer, meetings, and conversations, there was a particular quote that surfaced which seemed to sum it up for me. It was from Dallas Willard (and I’m paraphrasing here…)

There are scores of people dying and going to hell because they have never seen the reality of Jesus lived out in front of them.

In order to make some sort of impact for the Kingdom, the reality of Jesus will have to be lived out in front of these people, and then somebody is going to have to invite them to take the journey with Jesus. That somebody is you and me.

What would it look like for those who call Western Hills home to take this seriously?

You’ll begin hearing more about this in January and throughout next year. In an effort to get us all on the same page, we’ll be supplementing what we hear on Sunday with what we study during the week in our Connect Groups. Will you commit to take this journey with us? Will you join with the rest of the Western Hills family by registering for one of the Connect Groups below?

We can’t wait to unpack this together.

Connect Groups-Winter 2018

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